Emerging Technology Assessments

As an External Technology Audit firm, we have the right expertise and intellectual capital to assess Technology platforms and projects. The commercial due diligence only adds further value to our clients.

The Risk & Opportunity Assessment deep dives into multiple layers of the business focusing on every element that would give Investors an insight and address areas in which they can effectively add value.

We are demand driven, and have now created an Assessment Model, for the Regulator. The Regulatory Assessment is focused on existing businesses and the MVP (Minimum Value Product) it has, to generate revenue and its sustain in the current business environment.

Fund Administration

Burj Financial has partnered with Vauban.io in the UK, which is a next-gen fund architect and administrator that lets you start and run your fund in the most cost effective, seamless and digital way. .

We have structured Private Equity funds dedicated to individual projects and have created investment vehicles for Capital Raise in different jurisdictions globally.

As Investment Managers our focus has been on the Investment Mandate and Pre-deployment fund monitoring. Our reporting includes Fund Tracking post deployment, only to ensure that our clients are well informed at every stage.

Structuring & Advisory

Our ability to create Institutional Investment Products within the regional markets, has been proven..

Our Partners include Investment Banks and Prime Brokers with whom we work closely to ensure client requirements have been met within a cost-efficient structure that is transparent and functional.