In 2012, the Danish Chotani - Family Office was established in Dubai to hold proprietary investments and create a seamless succession plan. The focus was to create a sustainable investment process which included opportunity assessments, risk profiling, monitoring and reporting of the underlying assets.
In 2017, the family office decided to commercialize its in-house expertise, with the sole objective of creating a safer investment environment. The aim was to use due diligence, technology audit and in-depth business assessments to help investors understand risk and opportunities associated with new technology investments.
Burj Financial Consultants LLC became the commercial vehicle to market the service.


Burj in Arabic means Tower, its association with the world’s largest tower, and its location prompted the birth of Burj Financial. We strive to be the first point of call for Investors in diverse capacities and Regulators that understand the benefits of an External Technology Audit and next generation online Fund Administration.


We believe technology is fast paced and ever evolving.
With increased technological breakthroughs that create worldwide disruptions, business longevity is constantly at risk. Hence, our revenue models are adapting to change, in an environment where privacy and data integrity has become a key challenge.
Burj Financials’ contribution is our exceptional ability to decipher and assess emerging technologies in all sectors. The risk & opportunity assessment model we created is an external impartial technology audit that helps you assess your planned investment. We trust that such an exercise will eventually become a mandatory tool for investors and regulators globally.
In addition, our ability to structure investment funds through our partners in various jurisdictions around the world, comes in handy for the realization of investors’ needs for structuring as a sustainable tax efficient investment tool. This involves our financial team’s monitoring of pre-deployment of funds and tracking them through the investment cycle, calculating the ROE and reporting to the shareholders on monthly or quarterly basis.
What distinguishes us from competition is our monitoring and assessment capability at the onset, i.e. before funds are invested, as opposed to the generic traditional model of quarterly reporting post-investment..